10 Video Game Franchises Nobody Admits To Liking

You know you love them really.

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Video games get franchised for a reason: everyone loves the first game, and then a publisher more often than not runs said property into the ground in the pursuit of some fast, easy dollars. It makes the industry go around, for better and for worse.

So, these franchises exist because people openly expressed their enjoyment of them once upon a time, right? Well, nowadays things sadly aren't quite so clear cut: these 10 hit video game series invite feelings of shame and embarrassment, because it's not "cool" to like them as it once was.

Whether said series has been turned into an over-saturated laughing stock, pop-culture has had its wicked way mocking the property, or societal change has altered prevailing attitudes, you're likely selective about who you confess your fandom of these video games to.

Here are 10 video game franchises nobody admits to liking...

10. Guitar Hero

Call Of Duty Duke Nukem The Sims

What Everyone Says: "Why don't you just buy a real guitar instead of playing with some plastic toy?"

Despite becoming a pop-culture phenomenon in the mid-2000s, Guitar Hero also quickly became something you'd tentatively discuss with your friends in hushed tones, and if you've got any pals who played actual instruments, you probably swore off mentioning it altogether.

The fun factor is matched only by the potential embarrassment of the wrong person walking in on you enthusiastically rocking out with what basically resembles a Fisher Price guitar, which is ironic considering the series' nature as a party game that brings people together.

Unsurprisingly, last year's successful revival of the series couldn't really find a way to make plastic guitars any cooler, and as Rock Band 3's flop illustrated, throwing a real guitar in the mix doesn't help either.


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