10 Video Game Guinness World Records That Will Blow You Away

Could you beat these record holders? Would you even want to?

Dark Souls Bongos

First published in 2008, the Gamer's Edition of the Guinness World Records is now an annual feature on many-a gamer's reading list. Compiled in association with Twin Galaxies and SpeedRun.com, the book brings together not just high score records, but also gaming marathons, profiles of professional gamers, hardcore collectors, streamers and even those hobbyists who build their own hardware (both giant and micro-sized).

Before Guinness' dedicated tome, gaming records were recorded by specialist games magazines and websites and the regular Guinness World Records book started devoting space to video games world records in the 1970-80s.

Whether it's attempting speedruns, performing incredible marathons, topping leaderboards or building unusual arcade cabinets, there are plenty of records set by gamers of all genres, abilities and countries.

Let's embark on a trek through the halls of digital fame. Can you beat any of the following?

10. Defeating Dark Souls Using Music Controllers (And More!)

Whatever your opinion on the online catchphrase "git gud" that's been associated with Metal Gear Online, Call of Duty and Dark Souls, the latter series certainly is known for its difficulty. Its just-released remastered edition is allowing a whole new group of gamers access to the perils of Lordran.

But when you hear about the world record breaking endeavours of Benjamin "bearzly" Gwyn, you'll realise he's gone beyond getting good. Gwyn currently holds the record for the fairly clumsily-named: "Most alternative control methods used to complete Dark Souls."

Using the PC version of the title, Gwyn has completed Dark Souls with Rock Band controllers, (including guitar and keyboard), a Wii Remote, a dancepad, the Donkey Kong bongos originally made for Nintendo GameCube and has pulled off a voice controlled run via microphone.

No word yet on whether or not the remaster release will have Gwyn pulling his record off again or not, but future plans include the Nintendo Entertainment System's Powerglove, which should be interesting, to say the least.

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