10 Video Game Guinness World Records That Will Blow You Away

9. Longest Marathon On A Final Fantasy Game


Aarón González Santomé of Ourense in Spain holds the current world record for the Longest Videogame Marathon on Final Fantasy. Choosing Final Fantasy X/X-2 as his title, Santomé clocked up a massive 40 hours in one sitting of the PS2-era title. The first run was completed in just over 33 hours and a second playthrough was started by Santomé totalling just over 6 and-a-half hours.

Despite many claims in the comment section on the Guinness World Records website, no other challenger has yet beaten the record set on the 4th of May 2017.

Many gamers spend time focussing on speed-running lengthy titles like those in the Final Fantasy series, rather than putting in single game marathon playthroughs. So this one's quite a surprise, seeing as there are longer Final Fantasies to endure: VII and the ultimate weapons quests spring to mind!

The Ourense meeting is due to take place again this year and who knows whether new records will be set or old ones broken?

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