10 Video Game Hallucinations That Melted Your Mind

That's enough gaming for one day.

Far Cry 3 Vaas

What truly separates video games from any other art form is the unprecedented immersion factor allowed by player control, where we are all active participants in the experience rather than mere passive observers.

This is vital for ensuring players derive maximum wish fulfilment-induced joy from playing the hero, but sometimes, developers will use the medium's interactive utilities to more creatively bizarre ends.

While some games strive for realism, others yearn to transport the player to a realm that's totally the opposite, to immerse them in a dreamlike, surreal, or straight-up nightmarish world that's sure to leave an imprint on their psyche for a long time - perhaps forever.

These 10 games all dispensed with reality and instead forced some deeply troubling hallucinations upon the player, leaving them a slack-jawed, gibbering wreck in the process, for better or for worse.

In each case, your stomach probably churns and your head surely aches at the mere thought of playing through these brain-breakingly trippy sequences again...

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