10 Video Game Hallucinations That Melted Your Mind

10. Max's Nightmares - Max Payne

Max Payne bloody hallway

Ground-breaking third-person shooter Max Payne is of course best remembered for its quasi-pornographic slow-motion bullet time action, but the first game does also feature two surreal, nightmarish interludes, each as a result of Max being drugged.

Both scenes see Max running through a labyrinthine rendition of his own home, while the pained cries of his murdered wife and baby daughter can be heard all around him.

The player is then required to perform an infuriating platforming sequence, walking along thin trails of blood and even gingerly leaping between blood trails, after which they're greeted with an horrific vision of Max's dead wife and child.

Though these two hallucinations offer up a break between the relentless gunplay, the sensory assault is incredibly unsettling, to say nothing of how widely-loathed the tricky platforming sections are.

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