10 Video Game Heroes Who Accidentally Made Villains MORE EVIL

Good going there, champ.

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The hero’s journey in just about every video game ever made is pretty damn clear - you work hard, reach the finish line, and then triumph over the villain and save the day. Neat and tidy, right?

But some heroes are much smarter than others in how they go about this, and sometimes their day-saving efforts might in fact have the total opposite effect - they might even help the damn villain out a ton.

And that’s absolutely the case with these 10 video game heroes who, no matter how awesome they are, all committed the cardinal sin of unintentionally giving the bad guy a leg-up in their quest, whatever it might be.

With their good-yet-naive intentions and sheer carelessness, these heroes all only helped the antagonist of their story reach the zenith of their villainy, in turn making their own mission to stop them that much more challenging.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s clear that most of these heroes should’ve known better, though a few get a free pass only because the villain’s scheme to entrap them was that damn genius…

10. Peter Parker - Spider-Man

system shock shodan

It of course seems blindingly obvious to us, as Spider-Man fans, that Dr. Otto Octavius' research into advanced prosthetic limbs has disaster written all over it, but sweet, naive Peter Parker just wants to work with a genius scientist and, honestly, can you blame him?

Now, even if you can forgive that by sheer virtue of helping Octavius with his research, Peter effectively aided the birth of Doc Ock, mechanical tentacles and all, the rabbit-hole goes a little deeper than that.

At the start of the game, Peter shows up late to work, just as Octavius' experimental limb fails spectacularly in front of a group of financiers who, in turn, pull his funding.

This then forces Octavius to seek financial assistance from the deeply shady A.I.M., as ultimately leads to his villainous downfall.

Basically, had Peter turned up for work on time and caught the glitch before the demonstration, there's a solid chance things would've gone very differently for Octavius.

Yet his tardiness ended up causing a cascade of other issues, leading the ambitious Octavius to become a true antagonist.


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