10 Video Game “Heroes” You Really Shouldn’t Be Rooting For

9. Kane (Kane & Lynch)

Eidos Interactive

Lynch is a psychopath with a loose grip on reality, murdering innocent bystanders and wreaking untold destruction, but he’s also prone to hallucinations which prevent the character from comprehending his surroundings. So, what’s Kane’s excuse, exactly?

Admittedly, both characters are vicious maniacs – capable of anything – but, at least Lynch holds himself accountable for his actions. By comparison, Kane’s continuous self-justifications are incorrigible, rendering the character genuinely dislikeable. He’s manipulative, spineless and hypocritical, using his family as an excuse to casually dismiss responsibility.

Kane is given a compelling motivation – which would usually render the character a sympathetic one – but his family really aren’t his primary concern. He’s only saving them to expunge his own deep-rooted guilt about getting them involved in the first place.

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