10 Video Game Inventions That Were Obviously Going To Kill You

When science goes totally wrong - and everyone should've seen it coming.

Atomic Heart

Technology is a truly wonderful thing - in the right hands, at least. It has the power to transform our collective lives for the better and progress humanity as a whole.

But as sci-fi media has taught us so many times, with incredible innovation should come an abundance of caution, that said tech doesn't exceed our level of control.

Movies, TV shows, books, and video games have conditioned us all to be highly suspicious of seemingly amazing technological inventions, and that's perhaps no truer in the interactive, conflict-necessary world of gaming.

The chances are that if you encounter a too-good-to-be-true invention, it's going to turn on you at some point and make your life a living hell.

While in most of these games there were honest, well-intended motives behind the creations, each inventor let their ambition, their desperation, or their greed overpower their more cautious instincts, resulting in all hell breaking loose.

As a result, players were left facing off against something with murderous designs on them, from grotesque bodily mutations and enhancements to rogue AI run amok, portals to horrific dimensions, and everything else in-between...

10. Plasmids - BioShock

Atomic Heart
2K Games

Unregulated bio-augmentation is a guaranteed one-way ticket to mayhem, as demonstrated so pointedly by the brilliant BioShock.

The game's intended utopian city of Rapture is thrown into chaos by the discovery of the gene-altering material ADAM, which grants users superhuman abilities.

This led to the creation of Plasmids - concentrated serums which bestowed users with a variety of powers, ranging from telekinesis to pyrokinesis, hypnosis, and even spawning a swarm of damn hornets.

But playing fast and loose with matter which can literally rewrite somebody's DNA was always going to lead to ruin, and while plasmids are most certainly useful to the player, they also threaten to be their undoing.

Throughout the game, players will face off against Splicers - dangerous foes who have been rendered violent, mutated psychopaths through their addiction to ADAM and rampant plasmid use.

They will put up quite the fight in the pursuit of more ADAM, and so the very thing that grants you incredible powers is also that which threatens your existence. Thank god for those life-saving Vita Chambers, right?

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