10 Video Game Items You Should Never Pick Up

7. Time Bomb - Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope

Filled with creator Hideo Kojima’s wild imagination, the Metal Gear series has taken immense pleasure in playing bizarre tricks on players throughout the years. From fourth wall-breaking boss fights to humiliating chicken hats, these games are just as well-known for their goofiness as for taut stealth gameplay.

Another one of Kojima’s sneaky tricks came in Metal Gear Solid after Snake escapes the clutches of Ocelot. It turns out that the antagonist has planted a bomb amongst Snake’s things, meaning that when players collect their gear, they must then find the explosive that’s now in their possession.

Thankfully, doing so isn’t difficult. Players will have around 25 minutes to discard the clearly labelled bomb from their inventory. And when the timer gets close to running out, Snake will receive a call reminding him to do so.

However, there’s an even sneakier bomb found later in the game that can be picked up accidentally. While searching the drainage duct in the maintenance base for a key card, it’s possible that players will mistakenly pocket another bomb without realising it.

Unlike before, this bomb detonates after only 30 seconds and there’s no in-game message to warn players about their impending death either.


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