10 Video Game Items You Should Never Pick Up

8. Mackerel - Nier: Automata (2017)

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Square Enix

Normally when you come across some food in a video game it means that you’ve discovered a delicious healing item. Whether you’re cooking yourself up a nutritious meal in Breath Of The Wild, stuffing your adventurer’s pockets with as many sweet rolls as they can carry in Skyrim, or devouring grilled chicken during fights in The Witcher 3, having plenty of food is a good thing to have in video games.

One time when having food in your possession wasn’t beneficial, though, was in JRPG Nier: Automata.

When android protagonists 2B and 9S receive an email informing them about fish, they’re able to travel to the Border Area and talk to someone called Jackass. She’ll inform you that mackerel have a “horrible effect on androids” when eaten before handing you one and encouraging you to chow down on it so she can see what happens.

Unsurprisingly, doing so is a terrible idea. Ingesting the fish from your inventory results in an instant game over.

An onscreen message explains that the fish caused the android to become paralysed as their inner-workings became congealed. As they lay dying, their last thoughts were of how tasty their final snack was.


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