10 Video Game Levels That Made You Turn The Console Off

9. Mafia: Definitive Edition - Fair Play

Metal Gear Solid 5
2K Games

Driving in a sandbox game wasn't a new mechanic by the time Mafia came about. Nor were races in sandbox games, either. So by 2002. you'd think players would have this concept sussed by now. Drive around a bit, avoid others, come first. Standard, right?

Step up, the ironically named Fair Play from the first Mafia game.

Now, quick caveat: with 2020's definitive version, there is a new control and accessibility layout for the more modern or casual gamer. However, those that remember the original, or were going in blind with the classic scheme were in for a shock.

Fair Play is well documented, but like the Nuremberg Trials, it's not for a good reason. Probably about the same amount of torture involved, too.

You see, you're a Mafioso. Tommy Angelo started as a cabby, not a champion racer. Which is very evident when you step in for the actual driver and have to win this race.

"How hard can it be?" you wonder.

Let's just say you'd have more fun with an overburdened shopping trolley with a missing wheel and locks on the other three.


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