10 Video Game Levels That Made You Turn The Console Off

8. Alien: Isolation - A Synthetic Solution

Metal Gear Solid 5

What makes Alien: Isolation of the best horror games ever (yes, I mean that) is the sense of sheer dread it instills. It sets a slow boil, always keeping you on your toes with what's around the corner... or in the walls, vents, etc.

The uncomfortable feeling of dread, the looming Xenomorphic presence or the overzealous Working Joe androids traipsing the halls is bad enough. Much like Outcast or Amnesia, the fear comes from the minimal.

That you can arm yourself is a bonus, but you're not your mother. Ripley Jr. is not equipped to take down the hordes. Defense is the name of the game.

So when players were confronted with almost a dozen androids coming at you at once, it was enough to make you panic.

Oh, and they're on fire too.

It was such a jarring shift in tone from slow horror to bombastic action piece it was enough to put the unexpected off. If you knew it was coming you could Home Alone it up and lay traps, hoping for the best.

If you didn't, the quickest way off the Sevastopol is turning the game off.


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