10 Video Game Mechanics EVERYONE Should Copy

When "copycatting" should become iteration.

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Mechanics might very well be what makes a game, and most of the time it's the selling point. Game companies will argue that their products are packed with improved and tweaked gameplay features, while others suggest they're bringing something entirely new to the table. But at the end of the day, these systems are just the mechanisms that allow players to achieve their in-game goals.

Sometimes, however, a company creates a mechanic that is so innovative that it shifts our outlook on games as a whole. This element, whatever it may be, needs to be adapted to other, related games. But that's not always the case.

When a game is published, they don't want to be labelled a "copycat," they want to stand out. So instead of implementing this wonderful concept, they may prefer to disregard it or build their own version, which typically pales in comparison.

In this article, you'll find ten of the most ambitious and game-changing mechanics ever published in the gaming medium. Although not compulsory, these systems need to be researched by other game companies in order to be able to mimic, if not directly copy, these amazing systems.

As gamers, we love it when a solid system functions perfectly, and these mechanics suit the bill.

10. The Second Chance - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Max Payne 3

Think about some of the games you've played and the bosses throughout. How many times did you have to struggle through the same process over and over just to get to the next phase and die right away? What about dying to a boss when you've nearly defeated them?

Typically, when you battle a strong opponent and you die, you return to a checkpoint and must fight again. Not in Sekiro.

Instantly, but only once, you can resurrect to proceed. The developers made a brilliant decision as this helps the player to adjust to the boss or destroy what is just one or two hits from death.

It's a framework that really ought to be in a lot more games. Being able to spawn back instantly, even if just once, will almost always give you that edge. It could give you more time to learn how to deal with the bosses' tactics or to kill a boss who was only one hit away from killing.

Although Sekiro has a subsystem attached to the Second Chance to prevent it from being overused, it's still an amazing idea.

Don't underestimate it. Sekiro is extremely difficult, even with this mechanic.

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