10 Video Game Mechanics We Can't Believe Were Left To Die

10. Telekinetic Powers (Weapon Or Character-Based)

psi ops the mindgate conspiracy
Midway Games

Seen in: Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, Second Sight, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Yes, Control and Jedi Fallen Order brought this back in 2019, but 1. It was the first "telekinesis-based action game" in about a decade, and 2. You couldn't pull off anywhere near as much Insane Business as Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy.

See, back in 2004 we had two competing titles that both let you smush soldiers' heads into the pavement, with Psi-Ops joined by Crytek's more narrative-focused, Second Sight.

Immediately it was insanely fun to know entire levels of objects, panes of glass and ledges could factor into combat, and many of us got to work throwing goons through windows, launching them off cliffs, or just into each other.

This natural extension of grappling and throwing enemies was largely carried over to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, but after that? VERY few - if any - titles have prioritised telekinesis or given you an ability where you can manipulate the environment.

In an age where game engines could render thousands of wood splinters, complete terrain deformation or a damn fine reflection being shattered as you introduce a foe's face to it, why has this not returned?

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