10 Video Game Missed Opportunities We're STILL Not Over

10. Metal Gear Solid V's Story


The background behind the development of MGSV is widely known. Kojima, mastermind of Metal Gear, had a massive falling out with Konami.

With costs rising every day, massive chunks of the game had to be cut to make sure the game was released. The result? An incomplete Metal Gear Solid game.

Metal Gear Solid V is a fantastic game until it all falls apart towards the end. The story is engaging, the gameplay mechanics are superb and it looks absolutely stunning. Then it happens - you're hit with a load of rehashed missions you've already done, the story beats fade into nothingess and you're left completely unsatisfied as the credits roll.

An entire chapter which would have tied up the game nicely, revealed what happened with Eli (Liquid Snake, spoilers), was originally planned to be included with the game but was cut and packaged into a mini documentary that comes with collector's editions of the game.

As this article is written, there's rumours going around the net that Konami is preparing a re-release of MGSV with this content restored. That would be nice, but is Metal Gear without the crazy mind of Kojima even Metal Gear anymore?

No, no it isn't (see Metal Gear: Survive for further details).


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