10 Video Game Mistakes You Can't Unsee

Michael... buddy... what are you drinking?!

GTA 5 michael drinking

The Storm Trooper who hit his head on a ship in Star Wars, the gas canister visible in Gladiator, everyone knows a few film goofs - the continuity errors or prop misplacement that many missed due to looking elsewhere. When you see these mistakes, though, you’ll never not see them as you rewatch your favourite films.

Or in this case, re-play, because this time around we’re looking at video games. The aforementioned issues of continuity can stay, but now we’ve got plenty more to tuck into. Poor coding, janky cut-scenes, things that shouldn’t exist or in light of the story, simply can’t exist.

Look, it happens. Developers - often on crunch - make mistakes, and when it comes down to it, as long as the game’s up to standard we can let them slide.

Even then, there’s a reason why these things are so damn hard to find. Many mistakes either require a decent amount of forethought to fully understand, being based around the story and characters, or they’re a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair.

Regardless of context, game or category, we’ve found several mistakes within video games that, once they're pointed out, are all you'll see.

10. "Merry Christmas!"... At 9pm?! - Batman: Arkham Origins

GTA 5 michael drinking
Warner Bros.

Batman has always been a production mistake magnet. Whether it’s the lost eye makeup in Batman Returns or that stunt guy who randomly falls over in The Dark Knight Rises. For some reason, people just lose their editorial eye when dealing with the caped crusader.

Batman: Arkham Origins is no different. One example includes the clock tower ringing as Batman enters the Gotham City Bank. It chimes for an apparent midnight and Alfred wishes Batman a Merry Christmas.

Very cute, but a bit early, as if you take a closer look at the clock, it’s not actually midnight, it’s 9pm.

Perhaps Alfred was in a different timezone.

There’s also a weird scene within the Batcave. As Alfred is talking to Bruce, bringing him back down to earth, the cape on the batsuit is either missing or nowhere near Bruce. Then, in the next shot, it’s magically on his back again.

Then again, maybe it's just one of the many Batman villains messing with his reality.

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