10 Video Game Moments NOBODY Saw Coming

9. Wesker Is A Double Agent - Resident Evil

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Yes, I know. It all seems obvious now. The vagueness, the constantly disappearing, the wearing of sunglasses indoors, at night.

Yet back in 1996, gamers weren't really prepared for this level of depth in storytelling. Gaming was becoming a more interactive medium, with voice-driven narrative and bigger scope, that we weren't ready for it then.

Even more so if you hadn't picked up the notes along the way, showing the S.T.A.R.S captain hiding in plain sight in a photo of scientists (still wearing his sunnies, weirdly), that it was a shock to discover that he was behind the mansion incident.

Engineered as a chance to collect data for Umbrella on the field use of the Tyrant, Wesker's betrayal came as a deep cut that it was great to see him receive his comeuppance from his own creation.

But as we all now, you couldn't keep a bad Wesker down, as he pops up in the sequels. See kids, never trust anyone that wears sunglasses indoors.


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