10 Video Game Moments NOBODY Saw Coming

10. It Was All A Dream - Super Mario Bros. 2


It's not very often you can compare a Mario game to a long running American TV show, but here we are. What has become parodied many times over, going down in history as one of the worst ever retcons, has been unironically copied by a Mario game.

That's right, in the infamous "It was all a dream" trope.

Super Mario Bros. 2 has always been an odd one in Mario canon. Originally a game named Doki Doki Panic, but reskinned as a Mario game, it's certainly a black sheep.

That aside, it was still a shockingly annoying moment to beat the game, Wart and all, only to have this pulled on you. If someone did that to us now, we'd just eyeroll and sardonically thank the game for wasting our time. Tropes tend to bring out the tired cynicism in people.

Back in 1988 (or 1993 if you had the All-Stars version), it was a rarity to pull this on kids. It's common affair now, with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team utilising a dream mechanic. But thirty years ago, many were surprised.


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