10 Video Game Moments NOBODY Saw Coming

8. You Killed Your Wife - Silent Hill 2

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Whilst Resident Evil and Silent Hill may have vied for the horror crown in the PS1 days, by the next generation they'd gone their separate ways. The former going more action-focused, whilst the latter went for the psychological, emotionally toying route instead.

For the most part of the sequel to Harry Mason's adventures, we're stuck in this constant flux of what is or isn't real in James Sunderland's quest to find his wife from a letter she wrote. His dead wife, to add to the confusion.

We soon discover that the town draws on the negative elements of the individual in question's psyche. Hence the enemies being manifestations of James' sexual frustrations and guilt, in the sexualised nurses and Pyramid Head, respectively. But why does James feel this way?

Because, we discover in the endgame, he killed his wife. Upset and frustrated with her illness, he ends her suffering with a pillow, supposedly doing her a favour.

It was a twist that changed our allegiances and respect for Jimbo, from trying to sympathise for his suffering, to seeing what a selfish dick he is.


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