10 Video Game Moments We Were All Waiting For (That Didn't Happen)

Any minute now...

Last of us remake Joel
Naughty Dog

There is a certain level of expectation while playing a video game.

When you're marching down the streets of Gotham as Batman, you know the Joker will show up at some point. While playing as a Jedi, it's only a matter of time before you encounter a saber-wielding Sith. If you're having a go on an EA title, you're waiting for everything to crash, to remind you why they're the worst company ever.

But every once in a while, something very strange happens (or doesn't happen in this case). Sometimes, you're playing a game for hours, waiting for a specific moment to occur, unaware that it's never going to.

Gamers bought the original Mortal Kombat to see blood, oblivious it was removed from the SNES version. Nintendo fans couldn't wait to transfer their data between Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, unaware the feature got the chop. Because Darth Nihilus appeared in all promotions for Knights of the Old Republic II, everyone was dismayed to learn he barely featured in the game itself.

Even though it's annoying when a gaming moment doesn't live up to expectations, it's worse when that moment doesn't come at all.

10. Battling Hugo Strange - Batman: Arkham City

Last of us remake Joel

Bait-and-switch villains can be a great literary tool if executed properly but, more often than not, they leave gamers seething with rage. We were annoyed when Final Fantasy IX did it. We were infuriated when Far Cry 3 pulled a last-minute switcharoo. And for many, it was anticlimactic how the antagonist of Batman: Arkham City, Hugo Strange, was axed off before you had a chance to fight him.

Now, you could defend this decision if the central villain wasn't physically threatening, like the Riddler or the Penguin. However, anyone familiar with the comics knows Hugo Strange is among the few members of Batman's rogue gallery who knows how to fight. He may not look intimidating, but the neck-bearded scientist has gone toe-to-toe with the Bat Family on many occasions.

If the developers wanted to swap Strange out at the eleventh hour, that would be fine, if we saw the Dark Knight go head-to-head with the bespectacled foe. Considering Strange had been at the forefront of the story from the very beginning, it would've been deeply satisfying to kick the crap out of him before he was killed off.


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