10 Video Game Moments Where You Were Screwed Either Way

Not every game-changing choice gives you the warm and fuzzies.

far cry 3

Video games with strong narratives can be really clever about how they pull you into their worlds and get you to empathise with their characters.

Particularly games that give you the agency to choose how the story unfolds, as there’s even more of a connection boosting your investment into the series of events. That said, not every game-changing choice gives you the warm and fuzzies.

Some float the idea that you can make a good or bad choice just to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth either way. Such is the case with these ten games that put you in situations that had no perfect solution, whether it was having to decide between saving the one and dooming the many, or which bad egg should rule a country.

10. Wasteland 3 - Heads Or Tails

Wasteland 3

Early on in Wasteland 3 when you’re first able to set out on the world map of Colorado you’re frantically radioed in with a choice. You’ve already managed to piss off and just about wipe out the nasty Dorsey brood but one surviving brother gives you a ring to tell you he is holding a civilian homestead at gunpoint. He then taunts you into coming to try and stop him from murdering the family inside.

So you get on your way over there but then receive a second call informing you there is an Arapaho caravan carrying power armour that is in need of assistance and The Patriarch expects you to get there on the double. There’s only enough time to do one objective, if you save the homestead the power armour is lost to the mutants who threaten Colorado Springs. If you retrieve the power armour then the homestead is decimated including the family and children inside. Either way you feel kinda trapped into a crappy outcome.

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