10 Video Game Moments Where You Were Screwed Either Way

9. Telltale’s The Walking Dead - Lee’s Final Choice

Walking Dead Lee
Telltale Games

There are plenty of moments in The Walking Dead where you’re forced to make tricky choices. Cutting off your arm, decisions over who to save, whether to steal from other survivors. But there’s one moment that sticks in the mind of Walking Dead fans and that’s Lee’s final choice at the end of Season One.

You’ve spent the entire season trying to keep everyone close to you as safe as can be, none more so than your adoptive ward Clementine, but there’s only so much you can do in the zombie apocalypse. In his final moments, an infected and dying Lee finds himself in an impossible situation. You are forced to ask Clementine to shoot you and save you from becoming a zombie or leave you to your not so nice fate.

While neither result is great for Lee, this is especially painful because it’s your last teachable moment for the young Clementine and the last time the two are able to share together.

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