10 Video Game Monsters So Scary We Can't Even

A half-man, half-pig isn't even in the top five...

Piggsy - Manhunt

You look at the clock on your computer. The white, static numbers read 1:03 AM.

It's late, too late for anyone else in the house to be awake. And yet, despite the unmoving nature of your home, there is a faint note of distress in the house. It's almost as if someone else is walking around, wandering the halls in the dark.

Was the noise real? Is someone actually awake at this time of the night? Or did the sound come from your headphones? Are the footsteps in the game or somewhere else? Wherever they are, the sound is getting closer. You round the nearest corner, hoping for a checkpoint or safe room. What you find, however, is more terrifying than your imagination can handle.

At the end of the hall, there she stands...

These monsters - the worst of the worst - haunt our dreams and nightmares long after we finish playing through a given game. Whatever it may be, whether you're enjoying a lost copy of the P.T. demo or kicking it old-school with Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil, the monsters make the world come to life.

These ethereal beings, torn and broken, are terrifying beyond belief. You'll remember them long after exiting the game due to fright. They'll remember you.

10. Clickers – The Last Of Us

Piggsy - Manhunt
Naughty Dog

Clickers, of The Last of Us’ game world, were humanoid, and yet not quite enough. Despite their loss of vision, these monstrosities were murderous and feral.

Clickers, otherwise known as "The Infected," were nothing more than mutated human beings, reshaped into terrifying new forms by the Cordyceps Brain Infection.

The result? Highly aggressive creatures. Infection is spread through a bite, much like the usual zombie viruses of literature and films. The fungus begins by attacking the brain, completely altering the behavior of the individual until they lose all control.

While in-game, you'll notice the faint clicking sound they make in the darkness. This is echolocation, of sorts, and quite a scary sound to hear in an otherwise quiet location. The only way to take one down is by using a stealth kill or a direct shot to the head.

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