10 Video Game Monsters So Scary We Can't Even

9. Adam The Clown – Dead Rising

Piggsy - Manhunt
Dead Rising Wiki

Seriously, what is it about clowns that creators love?! They’re terrifying, and Adam the Clown was the embodiment of a scary killer clown.

Adam MacIntyre, better known as Adam the Clown, is just one of the many psychopaths inhabiting the Willamette Parkview Mall during Dead Rising. Following his performance at a child's birthday party, Adam goes insane when zombies attack and eat his audience. We're unclear as to where his dual hand-chainsaws came from, but he wields them with ferocity.

Like most killer clowns, Adam has the bad habit of laughing maniacally while trying to kill everyone in his path. There's just something about a psycho clown that terrifies so many people, which is probably why Capcom included one in their game.

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