10 Video Game Monsters So Scary We Can't Even

8. Piggsy – Manhunt

Piggsy - Manhunt

While not exactly an otherworldly monster, Manhunt’s Piggsy was another type of beast. This pig mask-wearing man wielded a chainsaw and left an impression in our nightmares.

Seriously, horror creators love their chainsaw-wielding psychopaths. Manhunt's Piggsy is a cannibalistic mass murder known for donning a skinned pig's head over his own face.

In reality, he's an obese middle-aged man, albeit completely inhuman. His mental state is more animalistic than human at this point. He can barely speak, reverting to grunts and squeals instead.

The idea of such a being roaming dark hallways, squealing in pleasure as he rips the flesh from a victim is absolutely horrifying. We can almost hear his pig noises now.

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