10 Video Game Movies We Actually Want To See

What should come after Monster Hunter?

God of War 3

The genre of video game movies has undoubtedly had a troubled past. With only a handful being received positively, it seems that any effort to create one is futile.

However, despite how poor most of these adaptations are, it's impossible to say that fans don't get a little excited whenever they hear a video game movie is coming.

That is because even though they are never good, they are at least fun.

Adapting a player-controlled product into a non-interactive one will always be a downgrade. However, there can still be a tonne of amusement in witnessing how the film-makers do their best to capture the spirit of the game. The Lara Croft movies, Warcraft and Sonic the Hedgehog are all examples of times when even though the quality isn't good, the charm of the title at least feels present within the adaptation.

The recent release of the Monster Hunter trailer has us thinking about what video game project we'd like to see on the big screen next. There are so many brands that players cannot get enough of, and putting them onto film could breathe some new life into the IPs.

10. Bully

God of War 3

This game was a controversial title that was unfairly treated by the press for its "glorification of bullying" and "excessive violence".

Anyone who has played it will know that this is not an accurate depiction of the title's narrative or gameplay. Bully was never about glorifying horrible acts. It was a fun exploration of over the top school stereotypes and general misbehaving antics in a setting where the consequences aren't too significant.

As an avenue to participate in bad behaviour, this title was masterful, and an adaptation of the Rockstar IP could help viewers to live vicariously through the protagonist. A film centred around Bullworth Academy would deliver a chance at creating a comedy that works for everyone. By poking fun at the school system, it would appeal to both a young and nostalgic audience.

The humour and storyline in the game were fantastic, but the film could take the concept and run with it in any direction. Creating a fun exploration of a boarding school with a troublesome teen as the lead causing mayhem and generally having a good time should be the producers main goal. So long as it captured the outlandish nature of the source material, then it would be an entertaining film.

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