10 Video Game Mysteries The Developers Had To Solve For You

The game industry equivalent of "I'll do it myself".

God Of War Secret

For the most part, secrets, easter eggs and other hidden gems are found through trial and error, data hacking or just sheer blunt force by the dedicated few who run the internet, but sometimes we have to put down our controllers and ask for help.

This is where forums and fan communities come in, but even rarer is when the publishers actually tell us about secrets we could never have known. Some are so ridiculous; so hidden So let’s look at some of the best today, shall we?

We shall.


10. Serious Sam - Zero Kill Secret Run

Serious Sam

When you think of Serious Sam, you probably think of two things: A dude who gives Duke Nukem a run for his money in the muscle-bound bro headed department, and slaughtering everything that moves - alongside stuff that doesn’t move - just for good measure.

You probably don’t think about peaceful walks through any stretch of the game, but that’s exactly what you can do in the level Sacred Yards, as through a complex series of button-pushing and exploring hidden routes, you can make it through the area without firing a single bullet.

The secret went covered up for years, only coming to light when a massive fan of the game was hired by the developers. They promptly went straight to the CEO of the company and asked about any undiscovered secrets. The boss gave him some clues and left the rest up to him, resulting in this pretty brilliant detail.

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