10 Video Game Mysteries The Developers Had To Solve For You

9. Old School Runescape - Cracking The Clue

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Old-school Runescape is one hell of a drug. The amount of hours you can spend just talking to people about absolute dross - only to go smash some skeletons - is high, as are the people who constantly beg you for items. No, I’m not going to give you my super rare party hat, you fool.

Anyway, back in 2016 there was an event called “crack the clue” which tasked people with finding 5 pieces of armour by digging in specific points in the game world. As you’d expect this created a gold rush style effect on the community, who took to stabbing spades into any hole they could - yet they could only come up with 4 of the pieces. For the 5th, the devs kept on saying “put the clues of the original 4 together”, which resulted in people ignoring that and literally trying to dig on EVERY TILE IN THE GAME.

However, finally the devs managed to get through to the community AFTER A YEAR and basically fed them the information in order to bring this event to a close. You have to admire the persistence of the fanbase though.


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