10 Video Game NPCs Hiding Dark Secrets

Cannibals. They're all cannibals.

Skyrim cooked

It’s very easy to forget about the little people when playing a video game. As you career through worlds at breakneck speeds, smashing through buildings or battling great evils in the streets, you’re probably not thinking to yourself: “Huh, I wonder if this car I’m throwing belongs to anyone, and if so do they have any other form of transport?”

Now, that's not because we play as a bit of a bastard in these digital universes, but because there are countless NPCs in these worlds who are just trying to go about their daily programmed lives. Whilst they might seem happy doing menial tasks for all eternity or to mill about aimlessly until the end of time, maybe we should take a closer look at these colourful characters because, believe it or not - they’ve really got a lot going on.

It's not just managing a shop, and the issues they have with delivery times that you’ve probably increased thanks to you shooting the courier and looting his corpse, but about dark and twisted secrets they keep to themselves. You should probably be glad you don’t usually have the time to bring them to light, but they're there all the same. Watching, waiting, and eating an alarming amount of human flesh...

10. Judd The Cat - Splatoon

Skyrim cooked

When you look at Splatoon you might not think of there being anything less dark than shooting paint at these uber colourful squid kids, and you’d think this character, a cat called Judd, is even further from anything evil or disturbing. But that’s just what they want you to think.

Cats, after all, are one of humanities cuddliest allies, so it’s utterly surprising to think that Judd may have had a hand in or witnessed the downfall of all humankind before the events of the Splatoon games begin.

In the collectable Sunken Scrolls, you find information and images of Splatoon lore, and we learn that life was able to take this squid kid shape because of the previous land mammals dying out as water levels rose. Who were these unfortunate souls? Well, humans according to Sunken Scroll #26 - which shows a skeleton playing a WiiU.

Judd is shown to have been alive before these events thanks to what appears to be him inside Scroll #4 and so it’s plausible to think that while the world got wet, Judd just sat there and watched. In fact, as he’s a judge of Turf War events, who’s to say he didn’t also have a paw in our demise as well? Creepy.

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