10 Video Game NPCs Who Got The Worst Deaths

It doesn't get much worse than this.

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There are very few video games out there that don't feature death as a driving force in some fashion - typically, it's the player mowing down dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of enemies in order to steamroll their way to the end of the game.

Most video games don't make much of an effort to have you empathise with NPCs or feel particularly concerned for their safety, though sometimes they suffer a death so horrible, so nauseatingly awful, that it's hard not to feel bad for them.

Whether these 10 video game characters were allies or foes, each left the mortal plane in supremely messed-up fashion, typically having their body obliterated, melted, cleaved, gnawed, exploded, or otherwise destroyed.

NPCs may so often feel like mere props to many of us, but these characters all came to life in death if not before, as we all winced in shocked disgust at their final moments on Earth.

As much as NPCs can often irritate, it was impossible not to feel something for these poor saps as they took a very bloody one-way ticket to the Great Beyond...

10. Molly Schultz Gets Sucked Into A Plane Turbine - Grand Theft Auto V

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Perhaps the most hilariously gnarly death in the Grand Theft Auto franchise occurs near the end of the fifth game, when primary antagonist Devin Weston's lawyer Molly Schultz gets absolutely obliterated.

The mission "Legal Trouble" involves Michael attempting to retrieve a film reel in Molly's possession, and though he doesn't intend to harm her, she quickly panics and assumes he does.

This leads to an epic car chase through Los Santos International Airport, where Molly flees to Weston's waiting plane. Molly absent-mindedly runs in front of one of the plane's turbines, which sucks her in and minces her into a bloody paste.

Conveniently for Michael, though, Molly dropped the film reel a few seconds before meeting her grim end, and to hammer the point home that Michael really didn't intend to harm her, he says, "That was nasty, and needless."

Molly may have been a pretty loathesome character overall, but nobody deserves to die like this.


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