10 Video Game NPCs You Should NEVER Kill

If you're harvesting in BioShock, you're playing yourself.

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NPCs are an important part of many games. They offer us insight into their fictional world, sometimes supply duties to fulfil or perhaps even join us along our quest. For the most part this means that, because they serve a purpose, most games make their cast of key characters unkillable. Try all you might, as much as you might hate them, some characters are just here to stay.

But that's not always the case. Some games embrace a player's total control of their electronic entertainment, allowing them to make their own choices whether it comes to back haunt them or not. We, as players, need to make our decisions and live with them. Is your thirst for electronic blood as important as taking a moment to consider the consequences?

Whether offered the choice in story or just genuinely given a health-bar, the following characters are all killable. But should you see them off? Well, quite simply, no.

Whether robbing you of great rewards or breaking the story, the NPCs on this list should be kept alive at all costs.

10. White Mask Varré - Elden Ring

Bioshock Little Sister

Elden Ring's core identity is it's vast open world and the unfolding enigma of it all. As part of keeping the air of mystery and isolation alive, there aren't a lot of friendly NPCs in the game to interact with. So, that being said, why on Earth would you want to hurt any of them?

To be fair, the first NPC you meet - White Mask Varré - will give you good reason right away. He's rude, insulting and Elden Ring players all felt the sting of the remark that they did, indeed, had "no maidens". Look, we're just going through a dry patch okay?

However, if you hold off on your desire to test out your broadsword on him, you'll ultimately be rewarded despite the fact that originally he just seems like a nuisance. White Mask Varré? More like Varré the Gaslighter...

His questline isn't all that good in the grand scheme but fulfilling it up to a certain point gains you early access to Mohgwyn's Palace. This is a darn sight easier than using the late-game (and hard to find) portal. This area is particularly good for levelling up, especially for those with ranged weapons, making the daunting adventure of Elden Ring a little more palatable.

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