10 Video Game Pause Screen Secrets You Totally Missed

9. The Game Randomly Unpauses & Tells You To "Stop Hiding" - SCP - Containment Breach

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Deadpool.jpg

Cult classic horror game SCP - Containment Breach casts players in the role of a human test subject tasked with escaping a remote facility filled with dangerous creatures called SCPs.

The game is completely terrifying despite its low-fi production, compensating for its lack of polish with sheer atmosphere. However, one of its neater tricks is something you likely missed altogether.

When the game is paused, it will sometimes un-pause itself, particularly if you're near certain SCPs or pause the game for more than a few minutes. Worse still, when gameplay resumes, the message "Stop hiding" will be tauntingly placed on the screen.

Though on one hand this can be legitimately maddening for anyone who needs to go to the toilet, take a phone call, answer the door, or otherwise deal with real life, it is certainly a unique way to upend the prevailing idea that the pause screen is a safe haven from the terrors of the game itself.

Then again, this game is scary enough already without getting all meta about it.


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