10 Video Game Plagues That Would Destroy The World

It's just a cold, I swear.

Naughty Dog

It seems like every year we’re bombarded by a catalogue of games that try to one-up each other when it comes to gruesome, body horror infections that are enough to never make you want to leave the house again.

From the traditional zombie infection, to a simple smallpox epidemic, there’s no escaping these deadly diseases, and games seem to be implementing them in more ways to appear as very real threats in our world.

Just simply playing through these experiences can cause your hands to sweat over your controller in fear of a real-life epidemic. With the sheer creativity showcased throughout video game history, it’s enough to make anyone’s skin crawl.

So, what if these outbreaks were to happen in real life?

How would we react, counter and ultimately survive in the possible realities on display?

Looking at the some of the ways games have wiped out mankind with their creations, the answer is probably:

Not very well.


10. Dragonrot - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Imagine a world which reacts to how badly you’re performing in life. That’s exactly what Dragonrot’s purpose is to show in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Dragonrot is a nasty disease which has the ability to make characters in the world very sick through harsh coughs and wicked wheezing. Every time you die in Sekiro - which is a lot - you have the chance to earn an item called Rot Essense, which holds the ability to cause NPC’s in the world to come down with a horrid affliction.

This is based on your actions, and your actions alone. If the world was negatively impacted by the choices I consistently made, then I’d be the only healthy soul walking this earth.

Sekiro draws life from the worlds characters to justify the reason for your constant resurrection. Luckily, the human race hasn’t mastered the ability to do this yet, but if it did, there would be a lot of plagued people walking the earth.


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