10 Video Game Plot-Holes You Can't Ignore

So much for a tight script.


In modern times ‘plot-hole’ has become an umbrella term for everything from genuine plot-holes to logical inconsistencies, continuity errors and in the case of video games, bizarre (and often hilarious) clashes between gameplay and story.

Not surprisingly, we’ve seen MANY examples.

You’ve got Heavy Rain, with Ethan Mars’ infamous unexplained blackouts, Metroid’s long succession of ‘last’ Metroids, Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s legendary time paradox, Gears Of War’s genocidal anti-human human Myrrah - not to mention the suspicious immunity to viruses that near every hero in near every zombie game is seen to possess.

To be fair a modicum of sympathy is in order, because when you’re dealing with a multi-faceted project years in the making, battling tight deadlines, limited resources, and near unbearable hype mistakes are bound to happen. But when those mistakes come down to pure laziness or writers being a little too clever for their own good, then not so much.

So break out the popcorn and grab a cup of tea, because its time look at both the egregious and the unfortunate as we consider ten new entries into the catalogue that you may never have considered.

And beware, spoilers abound.


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