10 Video Game Plot Holes You Can't Ignore

Yeah, Deathloop makes NO sense.

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Games in the old days used to just be a pie eating dots while running from ghosts, a pair of paddles swatting a ball back and forth, and your princess being in another castle. But nowadays, with the technological and societal improvements in game development, the narrative aspect of gaming has become more prominent.

There's still many issues with narrative development when it comes to making games, but things are a lot better than they used to be. That being said, even the greatest or most successful writers can forget some of their own lore and canon.

Now, imagine you're writing a book via council with three other people, while also including input from a graphical specialist, a mechanical specialist, and a marketing specialist telling you what to do. And all of them are telling you "No, we can't do that. Change it."

You're going to wind up with a few narrative mistakes, especially when the whole crew may change between entries in a series. So here's ten plotholes that are so blatant, you just can't ignore them.

Even if you didn't notice them before, you'll never be able to forget them now. You're welcome.

10. Resident Evil: Code Veronica - Claire Already Knows How To Find Chris

deathloop game

Resident Evil: Code Veronica is many things - some reviewers called it the best RE game at the time of its release.

Many called it the best game to release on the Sega Dreamcast! And to a select more-than-few it is the game you had to start over at the halfway point because you couldn't survive the boss battle against the Tyrant on the plane.

The whole plot of the game is that Claire Redfield, three months after the events of Resident Evil 2, breaks into an Umbrella facility to find her missing brother, Chris. She is captured and imprisoned in a research facility in the Antarctic Ocean, owned by the Umbrella allies, the Ashford Family.

Before escaping the facility with fellow inmate Steve Burnside, Claire gets access to a computer and decides to send an e-mail. The message she sends goes out to her friend from RE 2, Leon S. Kennedy, whom she tells Steve, knows where her brother Chris is, and can therefore, forward the message to him.

I'm sorry, what? She has Leon's e-mail and knows that Leon is aware of where Chris is at? So why did she infiltrate the Umbrella facility, getting herself captured and not just call Leon to say, "Yo, Big L, little help??"

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