10 Video Game Plot Holes You Can't Ignore

9. Hyrule Warriors - When Did You Transform?

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Koei-Tecmo has become the cranberry of the gaming world, mixing their Dynasty Warriors hack-and-slash and musou gameplay into other franchises. Gundam, Fire Emblem, and even the Legend of Zelda.

Said LoZ cran-apple concoction is known as Hyrule Warriors. It follows a similar format as the DW series, but - as you may have guessed - being filled with Link and pals.

One of those pals is Midna, the stone-crown wearing, tsundere, namesake royal imp of the 2006 release Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

In Hyrule Warriors, the first time you meet Midna, she whines that she hates another character in the game - Cia, because she turned Midna into the imp she appears as. Cia is a sorceress who joins with one of the villains from Midna’s game, Zant, and curses Midna to turn into the imp she’s mostly known as.

The issue with that plan being that Cia is also a playable character - and in Cia’s storyline, Midna is already an imp the first time they meet.

Now, game development is a tough gig and it does suck having to make an entire model for a single cutscene - but you’d think they would have just altered a bit of story to prevent the mistake. Especially since they wound up making her human form for later parts of the game, anyway.

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