10 Video Game Plot Holes You Can't Ignore

8. Ni No Kuni - The Travel Gates Make No Sense

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The plot behind the first Ni no Kuni game is kind of bleak when you think about it:

Kid nearly dies, his mother does die in the process of heroically rescuing him, and he goes on a quest to another realm in order to try to bring her back to life. Here's the thing, though - the creatures from another realm aren't visible to the folks of his realm.

Maybe we can ignore the fact that nobody calls BS when this kid just starts talking to, what to them, is just a doll - or even thin air. The kid just lost his mom, he's young, his world's crushed. But maybe somebody should say "Hey, this kid may have lost the plot - we need to get him to a counselor."

Now one we can't ignore, though, is that one of the early quests is to create a gigantic gate to travel between worlds. Part of the quest is finding a big enough open spot to summon the gate. And then, once you do it the first time - you can just do it anywhere. In the middle of the street if you want.

Which brings us back to the first point: This kid just disappears in front of people, in the middle of the street - and nobody bats an eye.

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