10 Video Game Power-Ups That Got You Killed

"Power-up?" More like "Power-Down."

assassins creed 2

Every gamer has had experiences where it looked like they weren't going to make it. When your health is low and enemies are coming at you in droves, you feel like you're about to draw your last breath, and suddenly, you see something that's sure to turn the tables: a power-up.

By obtaining this upgrade, you'll be endowed with a new ability, giving you a massive advantage over your foes. Whether it's the Energizer in Pac-Man, the Blue Shell in Mario Kart, or the Invincibility Box in Sonic the Hedgehog, these items helped you go from zero to hero in an instant.

At least, that's what you'd expect. But there are power-ups that come at a cost and others are sure to kill you more often than the bad guys.

Although certain items are deliberately designed to give the player a disadvantage, some upgrades are let down by factors which the developers never considered. Certain power-ups are so infamously bad, you will bend over backwards to avoid them, even if you're at death's door.

Whether or not it was intentional, here are the ten power-ups that left you six feet under.

10. Bob-Omb - Super Smash Bros. (Series)

assassins creed 2
Bandai Namco

Your objective in Super Smash Bros., is to pound your opponent until their Damage Meter reaches a critical level. By that point, you can knock them out of the arena with a well-executed attack.

One effective way to dispose of your rivals is to use the power-ups that randomly spawn throughout the battle. Every couple of seconds, a baseball bat, beamsword, or Fire Flower will appear, allowing you to scorch, batter, or slice through the other combatants.

But things take an unpredictable turn when a Bob-Omb appears. He may look cute but this little guy means business. After being hurled at your opponent, Bob will detonate with immediate effect, causing devastating damage. Even if the character's Damage Meter isn't particularly high, the sentient bomb can kill them in an instant.

But there's a problem. Bob-Omb will start walking around within a few seconds if nobody picks him up. If anyone comes into contact with him once he starts plodding about, they're done for. Because of his short fuse, you also running the risk of blowing yourself to kingdom come any time you acquire head this critter.


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