10 Video Game Problems That Piss EVERYONE Off

Because why not make this thing everybody hates an industry standard?

Bioshock Infinite

One of the more interesting aspects of game design is how - and why - certain things become standard.

Since Halo, most console shooters more or less use the same control scheme; Grand Theft Auto 3 created the basic template for most modern open world games; Diablo set the standard for everything loot-related.

The list goes on and on.

It makes sense to popularize a solid game mechanic for the sake of streamlined game literacy, but what about when those mechanics are, shall we say, dumb?

Look, nobody's saying game design is easy.

Sometimes you just have to get something working and hope for the best. But how hard can it be to address some of the more frustrating things we keep seeing over and over? As people who play games, are game developers not also annoyed by these industry-standard frustrations?

As people who don't make games, we may never have the answer to why these problems are so pervasive. But that doesn't mean we can't complain about them.

10. Registering To Play

Bioshock Infinite

Oh boy! You just got home from work, confident your brand new game has finished downloading. You sit down for that wonderful, dopamine-boosting new game experience.

You press start and... it's time for virtual paperwork!

There are few things more deflating than buying a game and then having to give someone a bunch of personal information that is totally not the business of some game publisher. All for demographics data they apparently can't get from the console manufacturer directly. And to send you emails. It's mostly to send you lots of pointless emails.

In a generation where so much of our personal information is already tied to a cloud-based console profile that's used in every game, why does every publisher need its own online service that nobody uses?

Not to mention trying to remember your login info when their next game comes out. This might shock you, Electronic Arts, but I actually don't remember my login info from the last time I did this over a year ago. Please reset it so we can make sure this process takes as long as possible.


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