10 Video Game Products That Insulted Their Key Audience

It cost HOW MUCH to insult me?!


As the niche pass time of video games has seen a rise in popularity over the years, merchandise to accompany the scores of games that release each year have also gained traction. In days past, the shelves of game stores were littered with a sea of video game boxes, yet the emergence of the Toys to Life genre as well as pre-order bonuses and the like, mean your weekly trip to the video game store is more akin to Santa's workshop, where toys line the walls that games once occupied.

Some products are a welcome addition to the ever-growing games room, and do a wonderful job to demonstrate a deep love for the medium, yet others are rather more puzzling. Strategy guides are always useful and Amiibo are cute, so the market for such items is ever-present.

However, this doesn't mean that all video game products are exempt from scrutiny, as there are more than a handful of underwhelming offerings from publishers attempting to cash-in on the newest craze.

Fewer still are the game products that go a step further and are downright insulting. Merchandise should complement the gaming experience, yet these ten video game products only serve to offend their audience.

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