10 Video Game Questions You Didn't Realise Had Been Answered

9. Who Are The Fighters In The Opening Titles? - Street Fighter II

mario toad

You won't find many opening title screens more iconic than that of Street Fighter II, which memorably features two unnamed fighters sparring on the streets, one sparking the other one out before the game's title flashes up.

If the fleeting moment hasn't been much lingered upon by most players, there are still those who have wondered for literally decades - who the hell are these guys?

Considering the two men aren't part of the game's roster, it was reasonable to assume they were simply nameless, generic character models quickly rustled up by the game artists, possibly as a proof-of-concept before the finer gameplay details were hashed out.

But the question of their identity was categorically solved back in 2016, when fans discovered Japanese Capcom webpages which referred to them as Max (on the left) and Scott (on the right) respectively.

The translated information on the page doesn't shed much more light on the pair - beyond Scott disliking "caterpillar" and Max disliking "sober thing," apparently - but at least fans finally got to put official names to the combatants' faces.


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