10 Video Game Remasters That Were Utter Failures

Newer isn't always better.

Modern Warfare Remastered

When a remaster is done well in the video game industry it is a thing of beauty, taking the hand of an older title, dusting off the flaws and giving it a fresh coat of paint and some sharp new teeth to go and take a chunk of the market.

It's a love letter from the studio to the fans, about respecting what made them great and allowing us to celebrate with them on important milestones for the series or the developers. A remaster is quite simply meant to be just that, an update on an existing formula done with all the latest tech and tricks.

However some video games that undergo this treatment aren't treated with the same respect. Sure they might look shiny and new, but they carry stitches out of sight where botched coding hasn't been fixed or glaring issues have been overlooked. These examples are just that, times where we weren't looking at the definitive versions, just some veneers hiding a rotten smile.


Article adapted from WhatCulture Gaming's Youtube channel

10. Putty Squad HD

Modern Warfare Remastered
System 3

If you're looking at the screen right now and saying "what the hell is Putty Squad" then don't worry my friend as I am right there with you, but thanks to my research into this ugly, ugly game, I have even more questions.

Mostly centering around why this game got a HD Remaster and why it was so shockingly poor, but also because the timeline to this remaster is so convoluted that my brain turned to putty by the end of it.

You see the original game "Putty" was developed originally for the Amiga, it did really well and so a sequel was commissioned, enter "Putty Squad" which was set to drop around 1994-95 on Super Ninteno, MS-DOS, Amiga and Mega Drive. Of all these versions only the Super Nintendo version made it to market despite other formats actually being fully completed and being sent out for review.

Doesn't sound too complex right? Well strangely in 2013, to celebrate it's 30th birthday System 3 the developers released the AMIGA version of the game on their website, and this HD remake dropped BEFORE this Amiga version did.

Meaning that the HD remaster technically came out before the game was even launched. Anyway history lesson over, is the game good?

Well no. That's why I spent so long talking about ANYTHING ELSE.

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