10 Video Game Reveals That Make You Wish You’d Given Up Instead

Is it possible to experience second-hand embarrassment for a game?


Plot twists and major story reveals are an integral part of gaming, much like they are in a good movie. For every Citizen Kane's "Rosebud is his sled" we've had some cracking comparisons: Bioshock's "Would you kindly?" or that Konrad was dead all along in Spec-Ops, to name but two.

But to every yin there must be a yang, for every up there is a down. And as you'll see from these examples, they are so far down on the shock-o-meter that they're just downright embarrassing.

It's always fun to play a guessing game when it comes to story-driven games. It's nice to sit there and work out who may be a secret baddie, or if there's even a twist at all, providing no one's already spoilt it for you.

However, some are so blatantly obvious that you've got to wonder who's patting themselves on the back for it. Worse still, when it's not so much obvious but just plain insulting that it makes you question why you bothered to get this far at all.

- Spoilers within -

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