10 Video Game Reveals That Make You Wish You’d Given Up Instead

9. Jill Is The Masked Figure - Resident Evil 5

heavy rain

It's one of those cliched horror tropes that unless you see the body of the monster/villain, never assume it's truly gone.

Now, Resident Evil as a series has always tread a fine line between pseudo-serious and cliche, so this shouldn't have been a surprise. And it wasn't.

The biggest giveaway after seeing the hooded woman in the early stages of Resi 5 was Chris then lamenting that he never found Jill's body after the incident with Wesker at Spencer's mansion. Sure, you might think falling out of a window, over a precipice and that sheer drop alone would finish them off, but clearly this isn't your first Resident Evil rodeo.

But for the rest of us, when the camera pans in for that dramatic swoop and Wesker pulls back the hood to reveal it was Jill all along, everyone did a collective sigh. Not that she was alive, which is cool and all, but because it was so painfully obvious some several chapters prior.

No wonder Wesker couldn't achieve world domination when he keeps acting like a pantomime villain.

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