10 Video Game Rewards Not Worth Unlocking

Ah yes, just what every gamer wants... a pile of crap.

zelda breath of the wild hestu

People play video games for a variety of different reasons. Some do it to let off steam at the end of the week, others like to stay in the loop by keeping up with each new release, and some are addicted to the "ding" sound that trophies make.

Even though most of us don't go out of our way to 100% complete every single game we start, that feeling of earning a reward for completing a task is something that humans are just programmed to enjoy, and the ability to unlock funky costumes or additional modes is a crucial part of why games are so engaging.

Unfortunately, these rewards aren't always worth the effort. Sometimes, they're so difficult, annoying or time-consuming to get that they really aren't worth stressing out over, and in other cases, the reward itself might just suck.

Even worse is when you're awarded an item or power-up that would only have proven useful if you'd had it earlier in the game. After all, if you're good enough to slay the hardest boss, why do you then need an extra weapon upgrade?

To rewards like these, we say thanks... but no thanks. Give us something more worthwhile next time, and keep the lame cosmetics and pointless buffs to yourself.

10. Barrage Piercing - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

zelda breath of the wild hestu

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite packs so much content into an accessible handheld package, with hundreds of quests to complete and dozens of beasties to carve into chunks. To increase your power and make this slaying easier, you can tweak your character's build to focus on increased attack power, increased defence, faster healing, easier tracking, better elemental resistance, and so much more.

You can equip these skills by crafting new gear, buying it outright, or earning it by completing certain parts of the game. For example, if you finish all of the solo Battle Training quests, you'll be awarded with the Barrage Piercing, an armour piece that will grant your character the Capacity Up skill.

Now, completing every single Battle Training mission is no easy feat. This will require you to defeat high-level monsters like the Kirin and the Tigrex in a limited amount of time, and just to stack the odds against you even further, you can't even choose what weapon you take into the arena, meaning that you'll eventually have to use something you aren't good with, or simply don't like. Hunting Horns... they suck.

Even worse, the reward you get for putting in all this time and effort is decidedly underwhelming. The Capacity Up skill is only usable with ranged weapons, and out of all available ranged skills, it's easily near the bottom. Plus, it's only really worthwhile with an extremely limited selection of weapons. As a result, the Barrage Piercing really isn't worth going for, a reward that in no way matches the difficulty required to get it.


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