10 Video Game Rewards You ONLY Get From Being A Dick

"You killed everyone?? Why, here's your prize!"

Bioshock Little Sister

In most video games, a strict set of rules must be followed to make progress. Nevertheless, it's often tempting to mess about. After all, why go by the book when it's more satisfying to beat up NPCs, blow up houses, or crash vehicles?

Of course, getting involved in immoral or illegal antics usually brings serious ramifications. Mowing down passengers in GTA will catch the attention of the police. If Link hurts a chicken in The Legend of Zelda, he'll be pecked mercilessly by a flock of birds.

However, there are times when bad behaviour isn't just encouraged, but rewarded. Rather than receiving an instant Game Over for killing the wrong person, certain games offer a bonus which would be otherwise inaccessible. 

In situations like this, it can be difficult to play honourably, knowing the greatest prizes can only be attained by acting like a raging psychopath. As such, there's a lot of incentive to perform as many wrong decisions as possible, just to see if there are any goodies to be won.

Although the rewards in these games are incredible, unspeakable acts of evil had to be committed to obtain them.

10. Let The Hate Flow Through You - Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Bioshock Little Sister

Throughout George Lucas' galactic saga, the Jedi are regularly tempted to turn to the Dark Side. Of course, any true hero would never do such a thing. (Well, usually.)

But after playing Knights of the Old Republic, it's easy to see why the purest Force-wielders strongly consider joining the Sith. After all, most of KOTOR is a cakewalk if the lead character takes a less honourable approach in their endeavours.

By stealing money, your team can purchase awesome weapons and equipment much sooner than if you were acting like a goody-two-shoes. Rather than taking part in elaborate fetch-quests to obtain an artefact, you can take it by in-canon Force, saving a ton of time and trouble. 

Take Bendak, for instance. Duelling with this Mandalorian will earn a few Dark Side points, but the protagonist also earns a ton of credits and the strongest blaster in the game. (Also, Bendak is a scruffy little nerfherder, so watching him die would be worth it, even if there were no other rewards.)

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Only by embracing the Dark Side will you attain coveted abilities, including Drain Life, Force Choke, and Force Lightning. Although this decision will permanently lock out certain Light Side abilities, you'll be far mightier in the long run.

It's nice to fight on the side of angels, but there's no doubt choosing evil makes the playthrough easier and more entertaining.

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