10 Video Game Rivalries That ALWAYS Had Clear Winners

9. Rock Band Vs. Guitar Hero

Sonic vs mario vs sonic


With over twenty games released between both franchises between 2005 and 2015, it's clear the rhythm music scene was once a VERY lucrative one to be a part of. The rivalry between its two leading lights, EA's Rock Band and Activision's Guitar Hero, might have been hotly contested, but it was also a competition born from some pretty similar circumstances.

Harmonix Music System Inc. had actually developed both games along the same lines, with the initial Rock Band release looking and feeling a lot like the Guitar Hero debut that came before.

Whilst both games became exhausted with endless sequels, it's clear Rock Band's reach and popularity has always been much larger than Guitar Hero. Instead of shoehorning in one specific instrument, Rock Band has been able to pull in more fans by presenting them with every other instrument to grace a live stage performance.

On top of the broader scope and larger reach, this selection of instruments has also allowed for far more diverse and interesting spin off titles focused around specific groups and hardware. Combined, it helps make Rock Band feel that little bit more ambitious in comparison to its Activision rival.


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