10 Video Game Rivalries That ALWAYS Had Clear Winners

8. GTA Vs. Saints Row

Sonic vs mario vs sonic


With both franchises boasting slightly cheesy and comedic tones, colourful characters and a collection of the best open worlds for exploration, it's clear to see why Rockstar's GTA and Volition's Saints Row have been locked in a rivalry since the mid-2000s.

Grand Theft Auto is the world's third highest-selling video game franchise of all time, with 310 million sales to date. It began life as a simple, but controversial, top-down driving game that involved the odd bit of killing and looting to get players from point A to point B.

GTA III and Vice City marked the franchise stepping into the world of 3D open worlds, and that's where the Rockstar era really kicked off, as the competition with Saints Row really emerged.

Saints Row and similar competitors certainly aren't bad games by any stretch of the imagination, it's just that there's absolutely no way to compete with the hype that comes with any GTA announcement.

GTA San Andreas, IV and V have all been declared as some of the most acclaimed and influential titles of their time, and the continued popularity of GTA V in particular - even seven years after its first release - goes a long way in highlighting just how far out ahead Rockstar have become.


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