10 Video Game Rooms You Should NEVER Enter

Do NOT go in there.

Kojima Productions

Despite all the praise players can put towards beloved games, it’s rare to see someone enjoy the whole experience. We’ve all had those moments where people talk about their "all time favourite", but still mention certain aspects with total dread.

It can be as simple as bad design, like Ocarina Of Time’s Water Temple, or it can be a particularly unnerving moment. But quite often, all it takes to stick in your memories is a single room.

Horror games are the best example, utilising atmospheric elements to install a sense of fear, not helped by the smaller environment. After all, less is more and developers know it.

That’s not to say other genres can’t pull off these moments, though. Far from it.

When they aren’t trying to frighten you, these rooms are standout segments for a big challenge; something more personal or just outright bizarre, occasionally packed with an unexpected message.

Or it's just an oversized demon with giant claws, ready to mulch you into paste.

There’s are a lot of rooms that players regret their visits to, optional or mandatory, and here are just a few that successfully left their mark.

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