10 Video Game Secrets Devs DIDN'T Want You To Find

9. Bananas. Bananas Everywhere - Titanfall

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Respawn Entertainment

Sticking with the aforementioned twitter thread, Titanfall alumnus Bryan Bedford took the opportunity to admit his culpability in a thoroughly relatable act of defiance.

According to Bryan, Titanfall's studio manager detested the smell of bananas, to the point of banning them from the office. Outraged at this act of petty despotism, the developer took equally petty revenge: in every single texture he worked on, he made sure to hide an image of a banana.

As anyone who's ever worked in an office knows, it's little acts of rebellion like this that keep employees sane in the face of overly officious management. They ban a foodstuff, you sneak it in wherever you can; they forbid t-shirts, you wear a "Phat B*****d" shirt under your suit.

(Although, as someone who sits next to a banana-munching co-worker, this writer does feel some sympathy for Bryan's manager. On that note: Jason, if you're reading this could you please eat your bananas before they turn into brown, pungent mulch? Cheers).


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