10 Video Game Secrets So Well Hidden Developers Had To Help You Find Them

You might own a copy of Timesplitters 2 without realising it.

homefront the revolution timesplitters 2
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Even though Easter eggs are supposed to be difficult to find, it's fair to say that the developers don't actually want you to miss them. After all, what would be the point of putting them in the game in the first place?

At the end of the day, Easter eggs are as much a creation of the dev team as the rest of the game. They serve as both jokes to be enjoyed by the game's community and as rewards for those who use their curious minds to think outside the box. But what happens if the secret is so specific that no amount of curiosity could ever lead someone to find it?

As it turns out, the history of gaming is full of these incidents. Some of the easter eggs out there were so well hidden, no one discovered them for years, until eventually a frustrated member of the development team had to step in and reveal the secret themselves

Once you realize what the key to their discovery was, you'll understand why insider knowledge was necessary to see the full picture.

10. Mars Rover - Mass Effect 3

homefront the revolution timesplitters 2

Mass Effect 3 was such a big game that some secrets obviously had to get lost within its expansive universe. The funny thing about this is that one of the game's developers had actually gotten so fed up with his little secret fading into the void that he decided to just reveal everything about it to the public.

In 2021, nine years after the release of Mass Effect 3, developer Richard Boisvert created a post on Reddit talking about a Mars Rover easter egg that, according to him, no one on the internet was able to find. The post included a map of the solar panels on Mars, along with instructions on how to navigate through them in order to trigger the easter egg.

Those who decided to try the solution out for themselves were soon greeted by an adorable little Mars rover, who would drive up to them, nod in acknowledgment, and then quickly scurry away back into the wastelands of Mars.

Now, was this five-second Easter egg worth ten years of Boisvert's silence? Not really. Did it need such an elaborate way of triggering it? Definitely not. Was it cute as hell? Absolutely.


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